Tram Train Pilot Learning Hub launched

Network Rail, the South Yorkshire PTE and Stagecoach Supertram have launched a Tram Train Pilot Learning Hub which contains a range of information drawn from the collective experience of designing, constructing and operating the first Tram-Train service in Britain. It is being hosted by the web-based SharpCloud system and will be available free of charge to interested parties.

The launch of this hub is part of the overall pilot of Tram-Trains in the UK which ran for two years on the line between Sheffield and Rotherham. The operating pilot has now come to an end but the service will continue to be run by Stagecoach Supertram.

Simon Coulthard, Head of Light Rail Knowledge & Development at Network Rail, said: “he launch of the learning hub marks another major milestone in the delivery of the Tram Train Pilot. I thank my colleagues in SYPTE, Supertram and Network Rail for helping to compile the information and data that makes this a very comprehensive learning resource. I hope colleagues in the industry will find the hub valuable as they assess the potential for Tram Train elsewhere.”

The hub is the first major deliverable for the new Network Rail Light Rail Knowledge team which has been created to provide a centre of excellence in Network Rail for light rail matters. Simon Coulthard is leading this team and alongside Alex Dodds, Light Rail Knowledge Manager, they will be working closely with colleagues and stakeholders to share learning from the pilot and to help assess the next generation of light rail schemes that can benefit passengers and communities.

The hub is being managed by Network Rail and interested parties are asked to email Any applicant should provide their name, job title, organisation and email address (i.e. so not any old person can access it!).

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