A reminder about the comments section

As a result of recent comments regarding the comments section I thought it would be useful to remind people of our guidelines when commenting on our news articles, which are provided below. I have no intention of stopping comments on each news story but please remember to keep it civil and to only make points which add to any discussion rather than continually making the same point on various different articles.

  • We will not tolerate personal attacks on any individual or organisation. People are obviously not always going to agree with each other but you can easily do this without resorting to personal insults – any comment which falls into this category will no longer be approved.
  • Think before you post a comment! If you think your comment might be a bit controversial take a step back before pressing submit and consider whether you really think you should be making the comment – the chances are that if you are unsure you shouldn’t!
  • Please try to use good English when posting comments, and word your comments carefully to try and avoid misunderstandings. If someone doesn’t use what you consider to be good English please don’t criticise the original poster as it adds nothing to the debate and just causes more arguments.
  •  No foul or abusive language will be accepted.
  •  Do not post complete comments in capital letters.
  •  We ask that everyone using the blog tries to respect the opinions of other people using the site, and that you do not criticise other individuals or use personal insults because someone fails to agree with your point of view.
  • Comments will only be published if a name or nickname is included. All anonymous claims (regardless of content) will not be approved.
  • There may occasionally be times when a comment is not published because information included has not been publicly released.

British Trams Online aims to be a generally positive website to share news and photographs of trams in the UK, although obviously the writers also give constructive criticisms from time to time where we feel this is appropriate. We ask that readers also try to be constructive when using our blog to criticise any tramway operator, museum or preservation group, and also please appreciate that any criticisms you do make may result in other comments expressing opposite views.

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6 Responses to A reminder about the comments section

  1. The Eye says:

    But Gareth, you moderate the comments! You are personally responsible for those comments that are published! Lecturing on the quality of posts is a bit pointless when you can refuse to post them. Likewise, personal attacks should never see the light of day!

    Yes everybody is responsible for themselves, but Gareth, you are responsible for the site and in many people’s eyes its going downhill – fast!!

  2. Ken Walker says:

    The purpose of your posts puzzles me. Your first post was to complain about negative comments on the site, mainly about Metrolink. But every single comment you have posted has consisted of criticisms of other people on this site: to the best of my knowledge you haven’t made a single comment, positive or negative, regarding the subject that this website is supposed to be about: TRAMS.
    I personally will not be responding to any future posts from you, because I will not be reading them.

    Gareth – 100% support from me, and I’m sure from other readers, for the way you and Andrew manage this website.

  3. roger woodhead says:

    Ken and Freel07 I do not always agree with your comments but in this instance I agree 100%. Andrew and Gareth you both do a great job with this site and deserve all the support you get.

    • Ken Walker says:

      Perhaps this post has had a beneficial side-effect (totally unintended I am sure) in that it has prompted us to remind Gareth and Andrew of our appreciation for the hard work that they put into this website and to remind ourselves that sometimes we might be unintentionally taking their efforts for granted.
      I’m sure that you and others don’t always agree with my views (I KNOW that freel07 doesn’t!!!!!) but they are usually my sincerely held opinions and I fully accept that other people’s viewpoints may be different and are equally valid; in some cases replies have led me to see things differently; one thing I don’t claim to be is an expert!

  4. The Eye says:

    I stand by this comment! All posts to this site are moderated. The fact arguments are caused by people (usual suspects) posting absolute nonsense, surely the whole ‘comment’ thing needs to be reviewed.

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