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TRAM: British and Australian (American usually streetcar also trolley) noun [C]
An electric vehicle that transports people, usually in cities, and goes along metal tracks in the road. (Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary)

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About The Site
This page was last updated 16 March 2003
British Trams Online aims to be one of the best tram and light rail websites on the internet. The site started off life hosted by Tripod with free webspace but following a good initial reaction and technical problems the site suffered 4-6 weeks of downtime. As such the site has now moved to new servers where it will be able to expand further and where there are no annoying pop-up windows!

When I started off the site in late 2002 the main purpose was to provide a one stop location for the latest news and features on British tram and light rail systems. Practically eveything on the site is by myself although limited information has been provided by other enthusiasts. I would love it if there was anyone out there who would be willing to become a correspondent for all the systems out there providing news and photos of 'their' system, as I have work commitments which mean in the summer (May-August) I can not put as much time into the site as I would like. Anyone out there can help, no matter how small, by telling your friends about the site or maybe by finding news stories in your local newspapers (where is the majority of the news stories here originate). Both the Hall of Fame and the Features pages need ideas as to what can be added there so don't hesistate to suggest something (or even better writing something and supplying it to us!).

The site will always be developing with new features coming all the time. Ideas are welcomed from everyone if you think there is something that the site is lacking. The email address remains This is the same address you should contact if there is something on the site which you feel is either incorrect or is breaking copyright by being here. My aim is not to just copy things so I would like to be aware if I am infringing anybodys copyright!

Finally this site is not affiliated to any one tram organisation, although I am personally members of 2, but it is the aim through the links to Amazon to raise money for tram restoration. If you know of a group who would be grateful for this money please let me know and consideration will be given to donating the money here.

Gareth Prior
16 March 2003

The Site Contents

Home Page
The starting point of site includes the news headlines, It Happened in this week, a topical photograph and forthcoming events in the tram world.

All the Latest News from systems from around the country, mainly taken from local newspaper websites. Feel free to send in any additional news or to update current news stories. Also includes a link to the News Archive.

Fleet Lists
Currently has Fleet Lists for Blackpool, Crich Tramway Village, Croydon, Manchester, Midland Metro, Seaton and the Stagecoach Supertram. The aim is to include further systems in the future including the Docklands Light Railway, any help will be appreciated on keeping these up-to-date.

The index to in depth news reports and general articles on Britain's Trams. Currently includes 'A Week in Blackpool 2002', 'Liverpool: The Past and the Future' and 'South Hampshire Rapid Transit'. It is aimed in the future to include 'The Survival of Blackpool's Trams' which started life off as my History Degree Dissertation from 2001.

Features all the latest photographs from around the country. Now includes 39 photos in 7 differently themed galleries.

Diary of Events
All of the forthcoming events in the British Tram world are featured on this page. If you know of any events not listed on th page please contact us. All information is given in good faith.

Interactive Features
A link to Yahoo! Group UK Trams has now replaced the former message board and chat room hosted by Network 54. It has been decided to remove these as they were underused and had irritating pop up windows which came along very quickly. The Group is the most active I have found on the internet devoted to trams in the UK but does require membership (which is free) and includes many additional features we used to enjoy.

This area of the site will be added to regularly will hopefully as many of the known links to sites related to British Trams. If you have a favourite link let uk know by email and we will add it.

Hall of Fame
The trams (and possibly people) who have made a difference to the world of Trams and Light Rail. If you have a trams you would like to see featured e-mail the site and a poll can be held for the next inductee. Currently includes Southampton 45 and Manchester Metrolink 1007.