Lucie the steam tram engine up for Heritage Railway Association award

We may have come to an end of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year contest but that doesn’t mean that is it for trams and awards you can vote! Lucie, an 1890 built steam tram engine which has been restored to working order at the North Yorkshire Moor Railway, has been nominated for the Steam Railway sponsored award and you can vote now for your favourite online.

We reported in September last year that “Lucie” has returned to action at the North Yorkshire Moor Railway after its restoration had been concluded. The engine had first started off life as part of the East Brussels Tram Company fleet in 1890 and was used on passenger services, funeral trains and possibly freight services as well. It became surplus to requirement when the SNCV took over the tramway and converted it to metre gauge. Moving to the Vielle Montage Mining Company it in effect then became an industrial steam locomotive and receiving the name Lucie. It returned to the UK in 1987 and after spells at Peak Rail and the Middleton Railway it was moved to the North Yorkshire Moor Railway and was returned to service in 2020.

The category that Lucie has now nominated for at the Heritage Railway Awards is said to be about “celebrating the preservation movement’s finest achievements in a year that has tested our industry like never before. This is the only HRA award decided by readers so make sure your voice is heard and vote.”

The full list of nominees is:

Graham Fairhurst: The conservation‐led restoration of First World War veteran Baldwin ‘10‐12‐D’ No. 608.

LYR Trust/East Lancashire Railway: The overhaul of unique surviving Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway ‘23’ No.51456.

Graham Morris: The overhaul of Kerr, Stuart ‘Wren’ Peter Pan, incorporating a riveted boiler and authentic design elements.

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways: The restoration of unique surviving ‘Large England 0‐4‐0STT No. 5 Welsh Pony and its innovative post‐lockdown trains.

Tanfield Railway: The top‐quality restoration of Andrew Barclay Horden, despite the theft of £20,000 worth of parts.

LMS Carriage Association: he restoration and conversion of LMS Brake Third No. 27001 and provision of disabled access.

Paul Middleton: The restoration to as‐built condition of Cockerill 0‐4‐0VBT steam tram ‘Lucie’.

Cholsey & Wallingford Railway: The installation of the former Maidenhead Brunel train shed at Wallingford.

Kent and East Sussex Railway/Terrier Trust: The quick turnaround overhaul of veteran ‘Terrier’ No. 2678 and reinstatement of Isle of Wight bunker.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway: The replacement of Ingrow Bridge under Covid‐19 restrictions.

You can submit you vote on the Steam Railway website at

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    Did it return in 1897 or 1987??

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