Horse Trams move into their new home

A lot of the news we bring you from the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway concerns the will it, won’t it saga of just how far the tramway will eventually run for but this time we bring you a story which can only be seen as positive – the horse trams have moved back into Strathallan Depot!

Strathallan Depot had been in a poor condition for many years which led to Tynwald approval for the complete reconstruction of the structure with work starting back in November 2018. The plan was for the new depot to resemble the 1902 structure and it would include not only space for the remaining horse trams but also staff welfare facilities. The former offices on top of the building are no more and it is now a simpler but far more watertight affair! It had originally been hoped it would be ready for an official reopening over Easter during the Rush Hour on the Railways event but you know what put paid to that.

With the new building now handed over to Isle of Man Transport, Wednesday 17th June 2020 was moving day for the majority of the remaining horse cars. Many of these had been stored at the Manx Electric Railway’s Derby Castle Sheds during the winter with others having been stored at other locations on the island as well as the temporary marquee which was used during 2019.

Amongst the trams which are now housed in Strathallan Depot are 1, 12, 18, 29, 36 and 45.

This is a positive development for the trams which now have a secure environment in which to be stored. Now, all we need is a functioning tramway at some point in the future!

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  1. geoffcurrie says:

    It is positive, but perhaps the last paragraph should have been typed in Bold.

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