Light rail services to be affected by national rail strike

Although the national rail strike announced for 21st, 23rd and 25th June does not directly included staff working on any tram or light rail system in the UK there will be some impact on services where track is shared with Network Rail. Services on Manchester Metrolink, Stagecoach Supertram and Tyne and Wear Metro will all be operating a revised service on all three days.

The strike takes place on Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th June but there is also the potential for further disruption in between the dates with many railway companies issuing an advisory do not travel from Tuesday 21st until Saturday 25th June. But what of tram/light rail systems?

Manchester Metrolink

The majority of the network will run as normal – with additional double units allocated to service – with the exception to the Altrincham line from Timperley to Altrincham.

The following services will run:

  • 0600-0700 – Piccadilly to Timperley only
  • 0700-1900 – Piccadilly to Altrincham (every 12 minutes), Bury to Timperley (every 12 minutes)
  • 1900-0000 – Piccadilly to Timperley only

Stagecoach Supertram

The conventional tram network will run as normal but there will be changes to the Tram-Train service.

Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th June

  • First departure from Cathedral at 0727 and first return trip from Rotherham Parkgate at 0759 with an hourly service until 1727 from Cathedral and 1759 from Parkgate.
  • Services unable to run to Rotherham Parkgate will operate as additional journeys on the Yellow route between Cathedral and Meadowhall

Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th June

  • First departure from Cathedral at 0700 with a return from Rotherham Parkgate at 0732. A normal service will then run for the rest of the day.

Tyne & Wear Metro

The section between Pelaw and South Hylton will see no service on strike days. The remainder of the network will run as usual.

Although there will be no bus replacement services during the week, on Saturday 25th there will as there were due to be engineering works anyway. This will run between Heworth and South Hylton.

On 22nd and 24th June services will not commence from Pelaw to South Hylton until after 0700.

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