Brief FTT tram update

For the last time this year we bring you a brief update on the planned return to service of three trams owned by the Fylde Transport Trust: Standard 143, Railcoach 279 and Coronation 304.

We start off with 143 which hasn’t run since its launch night in September after it had to be towed back to depot but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening with the tram. Away from the previously reported cosmetic jobs to paintwork and the interior it has been confirmed that its errant motor has now been removed. Following its removal the motor will now be overhauled which will hopefully see the tram back on the rails in the future, running fully and successfully for many years to come.

On Railcoach 279 good progress continues to be made by the FTT’s own team away from Rigby Road with the tram really starting to look the part with the end domes and destination blind apertures in place. A start is also being made on the stripping down and overhaul of the EE Z6 controllers.

Last but by no means least, the overhauled compressor has now been refitted to Coronation 304 at Rigby Road by Blackpool Transport’s heritage workshop team and the overhauled door rams are also in place. It is hoped that testing of the tram around the depot will commence early in 2020.


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