What’s New on British Trams Online? 24th April 2022

This week we have photos from Manchester Metrolink and Burton & Ashby 14 at the Statfold Barn Railway:

Photos: Manchester Metrolink – March 2022

Photos: Statfold Barn Railway Enthusiasts Weekend – March 2022

There are also updates to the Blackpool Tramway (Halle 902 departing and last operating dates), Crich Tramway Village (Halle 902 move, last operating dates and photo links), Manchester Metrolink (3138 into service, new advert for 3030 and photo links), Manx Electric Railway (last operating dates and photo links), Snaefell Mountain Railway (last operating dates), Stagecoach Supertram (photo links) and West Midlands Metro (photo links) Fleet Lists as well as the Manchester Metrolink Advert List (3030‘s new advert) and the Tram Loans list (Halle 902‘s move).

Stretford on Manchester Metrolink’s line to Altrincham is the location for this week’s front page photo as we see two double units heading their respective ways on 21st March 2022. On the left 3036 leads 3048 off to Bury just as 3026+3052 arrives bound for Altrincham. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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3 Responses to What’s New on British Trams Online? 24th April 2022

  1. Gordon Burch says:

    Probably the best place to make this observation! Since you took the barriers away from ‘Comments’ there has been an increased interaction, all of it positive and no ‘trolling’. I hope that you are going to make this change permanent; it is good to get the varied opinions of other enthusiasts and it enhances the great job that you are doing.

  2. Geoff, IoM says:

    I second Gordon’s comment.

  3. Gareth Prior says:

    At the moment it will remain but as I said before a lot of it will depend on how many spam messages we get. At the moment is still at a manageable level (and on the plus side I can now enlarge certain things and have links to lots of “adult photos” if I so desired!) so its not a problem but if it gets too many I’ll have to review it again. I’m hoping the software installed will do a lot of the work although that does mean some genuine comments may get lost in that and it won’t be possible to resurrect those after the spam has been cleared.

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