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Crich Tramway Village

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention/Overhaul/Restoration, Stored/Withdrawn, On Display , On loan elsewhere/stored off site

Passenger Trams

No. Place Year Livery Location Link
1 Derby 1904 Green & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1 Douglas Head Marine Drive 1896 Crimson & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1 Leamington & Warwick 1881 - Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1 London County Council 1932 Blue & White Workshop Photo
2 Blackpool & Fleetwood 1898 Brown & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
4 Blackpool Tramways Co. 1885 Orange, Green & White Great Exhibition Hall Photo
5 Blackpool 1972 Green & Cream Clay Cross store
5 Gateshead & District 1927 Crimson & Cream Depot Photo
7 Chesterfield 1904 Crimson & Yellow Depot Photo
8 Chesterfield 1899 Cream & Blue Great Exhibition Hall Photo
9 Oporto 1873 Yellow, White & Red Great Exhibition Hall Photo
10 Hill of Howth 1902 Brown Great Exhibition Hall Photo
14 Grimsby & Immingham 1915 Green Depot Photo
15 Sheffield 1874 Red & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
21 Cardiff 1886 Yellow & White Great Exhibition Hall Photo
21 Dundee & District 1894 Green & White Great Exhibition Hall Photo
22 Glasgow 1922 Orange, Crimson & Cream Depot Photo
35 Edinburgh 1948 Crimson & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
40 Blackpool & Fleetwood 1914 Varnished Woodwork & Cream Depot Photo
40 Blackpool 1926 Red, White & Teak Depot Photo
45 Southampton 1903 Red & White Depot Photo
46 Sheffield 1899 Blue & Cream Clay Cross store Photo
(47) New South Wales Govt. 1885 Brown Great Exhibition Hall Photo
49 Blackpool 1926 Green & Cream Depot Photo
59 Blackpool 1902 Red, White & Teak Clay Cross store Photo
60 Johannesburg 1905 Red & Cream Depot Photo
74 Sheffield 1900 Blue & Cream Depot Photo
75 Birmingham Central Tramways 1888 Dark Green Clay Cross
76 Leicester 1904 Brown & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
84 MBRO 1886 - Clay Cross store
85 Bournemouth 1914 Crimson & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
92 Nottingham 1902 Brown & Cream Clay Cross store
102 Newcastle 1901 Maroon, Yellow & White Workshop Photo
106 London County Council 1903 Cream & Crimson Depot Photo
107 Leeds 1898 Brown, Yellow & White Great Exhibtion Hall Photo
121 Nottingham 1908 Purple Clay Cross store
132 Kingston-upon-Hull 1910 Crimson & Cream Hull Museum of Transport
159 London United Tramways 1901 Blue & White Depot Photo
166 Blackpool 1927 Red & White Depot Photo
166 Nottingham 1920 - Clay Cross store
167 Blackpool 1928 Green & Cream Depot Photo
180 Leeds 1931 Maroon & Cream Depot Photo
180 Prague 1908 Red & White Depot Photo
184 North Metropolitan Horse Tramways c1895 - Clay Cross store
189 Sheffield 1934 Blue & Cream Depot Photo
236 Blackpool 1934 Green & Cream Depot Photo
249 Blackpool 1935 Green & Cream Great Exhibition Hall Photo
264 Sheffield 1937 Cream & Blue Great Exhibition Hall Photo
273 Oporto 1927 Ochre & White Depot Photo
298 Blackpool 1937 - Clay Cross store Photo
331 Metropolitan Electric 1930 Red & White Depot Photo
345 Leeds 1921 Blue & White Depot Photo
399 Leeds 1926 Brown, Yellow & White Depot Photo
510 Sheffield 1950 Cream & Blue Depot Photo
600 Leeds 1931/54 Red & White Clay Cross store Photo
602 Leeds 1953 Purple & White Great Exhibition Hall Photo
630 Blackpool 1937 Green & Cream Depot Photo
674 New York 3rd Ave. Transit 1939 Cream & Red Depot Photo
762 Blackpool 1982 All over advert for Nickelodeon Land, Pleasure Beach Depot Photo
812 Glasgow 1900 Orange, Yellow & Brown Depot Photo
869 Liverpool 1936 Green & Cream Depot Photo
902 Halle 1969 Red & Cream On loan to Blackpool Tramway Photo
1068 Glasgow 1919 Orange, Cream & Blue Depot Photo
1100 Glasgow 1928 Orange, Green & Cream Clay Cross store Photo
1115 Glasgow 1929 Orange, Cream & Red Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1147 The Hague 1957 Cream & Green Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1282 Glasgow 1940 Orange, Green & Cream Depot Photo
1297 Glasgow 1948 Orange, Cream & Green Great Exhibition Hall Photo
1622 London Transport 1912 Red & Cream Workshop Photo
223 006-4 Berlin 1969 Cream & Black Depot Photo
- Hull 1903 - Clay Cross store
- London Tramways Co. 1895 - Clay Cross store Photo
- North Metropolitan Horse Tramways 1885 - Clay Cross store Photo

Those trams shown as Operational are expected to see use at some point in 2019 but may not yet be commissioned for service.
The current location is where the tram can normally be found. However at times trams may be moved to other locations around the Museum as required.
Clay Cross store is the museum's off site storage with no public access.
Leamington & Warwick 1 is displayed in the Exhibition Hall in "as found" condition.
London County Council 1 moved into the Workshop on Saturday 14th June 2014 and is now undergoing a major restoration.
Sheffield 15 is the operational horse tram. It is normally displayed in the Exhibition Hall but is used in service on special horse tram days.
Cardiff 21 is a double deck horse tram on loan to Crich from Collections Centre, Nantgarw, Wales.
Blackpool & Fleetwood 40 arrived at Crich on 6th September 2019 following the conclusions of its loans at Blackpool and then Beamish. It returned to service on 21st September 2019 at the Crich 60 event.
Birmingham Central Tramways 75 was transferred from the Black Country Living Museum to storage at Clay Cross in late 2017.
Bournemouth 85 arrived at Crich on Friday 25th August 2017 and following display at Tram Day the following month has now been moved into its permanent position within the Great Exhibition Hall. The tram is displayed on a short piece of 3'6" track.
Newcastle 102 was moved into the workshop on 30th June 2018 for a start on a Tramway Sponsorship Organisation funded overhaul. The tram has already been lifted to allow its trucks to be removed for overhaul and is now standing on accomodation bogies. It is expected to take 3 years to complete the overhaul.
The only remaining section of Nottingham 121 is one end making it highly unlikely it will be used for the basis of restoration with both other Nottingham tram bodies in a better condition.
Kingston upon Hull 132 is on long term loan at the Hull Museum of Transport as a static exhibit.
Both North Metropolitan Tramways 184 and the unknown North Metropolitan Tramways tram body have been dismantled with the parts "flat-packed" for the potential restoration as one horse car in the future.
Blackpool 298 was moved to Clay Cross on 11th July 2014 for further storage. The tram is partially restored although requires a significant amount of work to restore it to operational condition. It is planned that the tram will return to Crich for restoration in 2020.
Halle 902 left Crich on 22nd May 2018 for a loan for a minimum of 2 years to Blackpool for storage and occasional display only.
London Transport 1622 is now in the Workshop undergoing work to return it to service.
Berlin 223 006-4 is the Access Tram for disabled visitors.

Works Cars

No. Place Purpose Year Location Link
1 Glasgow Mains Dept. Cable Laying Car 1905 Clay Cross store
2 Blackpool Rail Grinder 1935 Clay Cross store
2 Leeds Tower Car 1931 Depot Photo
W21 Glasgow Welders' Tool Van 1903 Clay Cross store
058 Croydon Tramlink KLV53 - Rail Mounted Crane 1978 Depot Yard Photo
061 Croydon Tramlink Trailer (matching with 058) ? Depot Yard Photo
96 Brussels Snow Broom 1905 Great Exhibition Hall Photo
131 Cardiff Water Car 1902 Depot Photo
330 Sheffield Rail Grinder 1919 Depot Photo
(717) Blackpool Electric Loco 1927 Depot Photo
TW4 - Modern Tower Wagon 1979/2011 Depot Photo
- - Crane Wagon 1980 Next to Depot Photo
- Leeds PW Flat Truck 1930 Depot
- Glasgow Ex-Welding Trailer 1905 Depot
- - Rupert 4wDm Loco 1944 Great Exhibition Hall Photo
- - G.M.J. 4wDm Loco 1952 Depot Photo
- Sheffield Motor Tower Wagon 1937 Clay Cross store
- Manchester Horse Drawn Tower Wagon 1911 Great Exhibition Hall Photo

Other Items

Description Location Link
Snaefell Mountain Railway Bogie Truck Great Exhibition Hall Photo
Eades Reversible Truck (Manchester Tramways Co. W24) Great Exhibition Hall

We are grateful to everyone who has provided information contained on this fleet list.

Full details of all trams part of the national collection can be found on the Crich Tramway Village website.

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