Trams in Video: Seaton Tramway 50th Anniversary 2020

It was the event which won the “Event of the Year” category at the 2020 British Trams Online Tram of the Year and was held at the “Tramway of the Year”! It was the 50th Anniversary event at the Seaton Tramway on 28th August 2020 which saw eight trams in service on an intensive service between Seaton and Colyton, including the ever popular no. 4.

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1 Response to Trams in Video: Seaton Tramway 50th Anniversary 2020

  1. David M says:

    Great video and good memories of one of my very few days out last year. Bob missed one tram – there were actually nine trams in service on anniversary day with car 14 also doing one round trip early in the day before retiring to depot. Car 2 also came out to play the next day making ten in service over the weekend. A great event particularly bearing in mind the circumstances prevailing at the time (and sadly worse since!).

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