This week on British Trams Online

There are another two Photo Galleries for you this week; both coming from the northwest of England:

Gallery 779: Blackpool Tramway – 3rd November 2018

Gallery 780: Manchester Metrolink – 14th November 2018

There are also updates to the Blackpool Tramway, Manchester Metrolink and West Midlands Metro Fleet Lists.

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2 Responses to This week on British Trams Online

  1. Pablo76 says:

    There is no need to for Midland Metro to have a tram out of service as ubro3 is used over europe this would mean parts are readily avalible.

    • Steve_Hyde says:

      The simple fact that the Urbos 3 or any other type of tram is a current model in use in several locations does not mean that spares are always readily available. The manufacturer does not maintain large stock of components in case some operator may need them. Many items are on a long lead time from suppliers. In the same way the maintainers do not hold vast spares holdings as they represent a massive financial burden. A rule of thumb is that for a given service requirement there should be a 10% spare tram provision to allow for accident and maintenance. This often includes a vehicle out of use to provide parts. Indeed in the original T69 fleet the 16th tram represented the stock of major components such as bogies and motors etc as there were no spare parts provided in the supply contract.

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