September Review – Isle of Man: No. 16 – Down at Derby Castle Sheds

Derby Castle Sheds have been the home of the Manx Electric Railway for 125 years. Much expanded from the original 1893 building they are now home to the vast majority of the surviving MER fleet with only Laxey Car Sheds also still in use. Not only can you find operational trams but also several stored vehicles and in recent years you have even been able to find horse trams under works attention. In this article we take a look at some images taken of MER vehicles at the car sheds.

A view of the main Derby Castle shed – constructed in 1997 – from across the road. Winter Saloon 22 is being prepared for use on 7th September.

After dark and trams get some rest ahead of another day of service. On the left we have motor 2 and it is joined by two trailers in the form of 61 and 43, also just visible on the far right is trailer 44. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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