What’s New on British Trams Online? 10th July 2021

This week we have a couple of new photo galleries with images from Germany and the UK:

Gallery 952: Around the World in Trams Special: Leipzig Trams June 2014

Gallery 953: West Midlands Metro – 9th July 2021

There are also updates to the Blackpool Tramway (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (photo links), Manchester Metrolink (new advert), Stagecoach Supertram (photo links) and West Midlands Metro (photo links) Fleet Lists and the Manchester Metrolink Advert List (new advert).

West Midlands Metro Urbos3 25 makes the call at Bilston Central on 9th July 2021 as it heads from Wolverhampton to Birmingham. (Photograph by David Mee)

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