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Last Updated Sunday 10th September 2017

Edinburgh Trams

Built: 2009-12 by CAF, Spain
Seats: 78 (plus 170 standing)

No. Livery
251 Decide to Glide: #Tramspotting
252 White, Madder & Grey
253 White, Madder & Grey
254 White, Madder & Grey
255 White, Madder & Grey
256 White, Madder & Grey
257 White, Madder & Grey
258 White, Madder & Grey
259 Advert for C R Smith (Carrbridge/The Forth)
260 Advert for C R Smith (Glasgow/Peterhead)
261 Advert for C R Smith (Glen Nevis/North Queensferry)
262 Advert for C R Smith (Dunblane/St Andrews)
263 Advert for C R Smith (Lossiemouth/Kinross)
264 White, Madder & Grey
265 White, Madder & Grey
266 Advert for C R Smith (Falkirk/Musselburgh)
267 White, Madder & Grey
268 White, Madder & Grey
269 White, Madder & Grey
270 Advert for C R Smith (Fraserburgh/Finnieston)
271 White, Madder & Grey
272 Advert for C R Smith (Troon/Edinburgh)
273 White, Madder & Grey
274 White, Madder & Grey
275 White, Madder & Grey
276 White, Madder & Grey
277 White, Madder & Grey

The livery carried by 251 is used for current Edinburgh Trams promotions . Retaining the bulk of the standard livery full bodyside vinyls are carried on the third and fifth sections of the trams with other sections carrying small above window vinyls.
252 was the first tram to be delivered to Edinburgh arriving in the City in April 2010. Between April and November 2010 the tram was on public display in Princes Street, central Edinburgh before being moved to secure storage at Broxbourn in several sections and then finally Gogar Depot.
269 became the last of the trams to be delivered to Gogar Depot on 24th December 2012.
18 trams are to receive adverts for C R Smith in a two year deal. As with previous in-house promotional adverts these trams mainly retain the standard fleet livery with full height adverts on the third and fifth sections.

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