Meet ‘Spongebob the Second’!

Flexity 015 has become the fifth of Blackpool’s new articulated trams to receive external advertising. Once again, the tram is being used to promote one of the attractions at the Pleasure Beach and this time the design chosen is for Nickeldeon Land. Unlike previous adverts, this one was applied before 015 had ever carried passengers – with both the tram and the advert debuting on Friday 29th June.

Of course, Nickeledeon Land was previously advertised in much more striking fashion on Jubilee car 762 last season – a design which looks set to last for the forseeable future, as now the tram has been preserved at Crich and is set to keep its advertising livery, for the time being at least. Just like 762, 015 has been adorned with images of cartoon favourite Spongebob Squarepants – whether 015 becomes known as ‘Spongebob’ like its predescessor remains to be seen!

One disapointing aspect of the four different Pleasure Beach adverts on the Flexity2 class, is that all of them are very similar along the roof sides. Only the centre lower panel adverts are vastly different, meaning that the trams look less distinctive than hoped. However, their primary purpose is naturally to generate extra income for Blackpool Transport and so their appearance should be welcomed by those of us who wish to see the modernised tramway go from strength to strength.


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