What’s New on British Trams Online? 10th October 2021

Our delayed photos from the Blackpool Anniversary Weekend are added as part of this week’s main site update:

Gallery 974: Blackpool Tramway – Anniversary Weekend September 2021

There are also updates to the Blackpool Tramway (photo links), Manchester Metrolink (photo link) and West Midlands Metro (new tram delivered and photo link) Fleet Lists.

Early September saw the return to service in Blackpool of the Illuminated Western Train after its protracted overhaul which had been delayed by the pandemic. The tram has seen its external illuninations renewed as part of the overhaul and it is now out on the Prom most nights on tour duty. One such night was 23rd September 2021 when we see it arriving at Pleasure Beach at the end of its first of two tours. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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