Lockdown Walks: Stagecoach Supertram 119

In this latest edition of “Lockdown Walks” we are heading off to Stagecoach Supertram’s Blue route out to Halfway.

If you fancy a little bit of retail therapy then you have plenty of options on the Supertram network. As well as the shops in Sheffield City Centre you, of course, have the large shopping complex at Meadowhall as well as the out of town shopping centre adjacent to the Tram-Train terminus at Rotherham Parkgate. Then out on the Blue route there are the shops at Crystal Peaks which is where today’s photos were taken.

The tram which features in these photos is 119 which we first see just about to depart from the stop as it heads to Halfway.

We then see the tram as it heads away from the stop on its way to Halfway as a couple with a dog cross behind. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 29th June 2021)

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