What’s New on British Trams Online? 17th July 2021

Having featured the West Midlands Metro in 2021 last week, this week our main feature includes the Midland Metro (as was) in 2008 and 2009:

Gallery 954: Picture in Time Special – Midland Metro 2008 & 2009

There are also updates to the Crich Tramway Village (photo links), East Anglia Transport Museum (photo links and last operating dates), Stagecoach Supertram (photo links) and West Midlands Metro (photo links) Fleet Lists.

Currently flying the flag for trams at the East Anglia Transport Museum is fleet stalwart Blackpool 159. On 8th July 2021 we see the tram heading away from the camera and passing the trolleybus depot as it returns from the woods towards the Chapel Road terminus. (Photograph by David Maxwell)

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  1. David M says:

    T69’s magnificent machines, I really liked them. You got one more than me. I only managed 3 onwards. Quirky, troublesome, but nice looking machines.

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