What’s New on British Trams Online? 10th April 2021

This week we have a double helping of photos as we look into the Blackpool archives and go more up-to-date on Manchester Metrolink:

Gallery 931: Picture in Time Special – Blackpool Tramway Totally Transport 2010

Gallery 932: Manchester Metrolink – April 2021

There are also photo link updates to the Edinburgh Trams, Manchester Metrolink and Stagecoach Supertram Fleet Lists.

We go back to 2010 for this view as we see two of the Blackpool Tramway’s iconic Balloon cars passing at Pleasure Beach during that year’s Totally Transport event. On the right is the currently sidelined – but still very popular – Open Top Balloon 706 (Princess Alice) which has just terminated with a special and it is joined by Balloon 711 – in advert for Blackpool Zoo – which is going as far north as it could on the tramway at this time, Cleveleys. The date of this image was a sunny 27th June 2010. (Photograph by Ken Jones)

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