Still Standing! Newcastle Corporation Tramways Wingrove Depot

We are heading to the northeast for today’s look at remnants of old tramways still in situ with Newcastle Corporation Tramways old Wingrove Depot featuring.

This depot was opened by Newcastle Corporation Tramways back in 1903 with six tracks in place and two separate access roads. It remained in use for trams until 1944 when the trams moved out and trolleybuses and then buses occupied the space instead. It was eventually closed for transport purposes but the structure remained in place for industrial use. There were plans a few years ago for conversion into a hotel but these seem to have stalled and in 2020 the building is now used by a car wash.

The building as it is today with the front having received a paint into bright blue colours along with signage for the car wash. If you look beyond the front through you can see the depth of the structure. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 8th January 2020)

Another long shot of the building.

In this view we see the rear of the building. (Photographs x2 by Dave Edwards, 14th May 2019)

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