In Pictures: Another new advert in Sheffield

You wait years for a new advert livery and then two come along within a week! Following on from 111 receiving adverts for IKEA at the start of last week, 116 has now been wrapped in an advert for Doncaster Sheffield Airport replacing a design for East Midlands Trains.

As with the IKEA advert the design features very limited vinyls on the windows – mainly a little bit of writing – which should please the majority of passengers. It is a fairly plain but effective advert featuring numerous colours, including pink doors.

The advert on 116 has replaced its previous long-standing design for East Midlands Trains and means that from having two trams advertising its fellow Stagecoach company, Supertram now has none!

116 at Cathedral on 11th September showing off its new advert livery.

Detail of the advert on the middle section.

The other end of the tram features a different design seen here as the tram departs Cathedral for Middlewood. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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