Centenary car 641 – a work of art?

The latest project involving a tram from the collection of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust was unveiled on Saturday 9th September, as part of the ‘Art of Recovery in Blackpool’ event. As reported previously, Centenary car 641 has been given a makeover by volunteers from ‘Horizon’, who work to help people with a range of issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, receiving a repaint in the organisation’s vibrant purple colour scheme.

Although painted by total amateurs in a less than ideal environment – the tram is still marooned on its display siding near the Pleasure Beach – the finished result is actually quite impressive and striking. After being painted purple, 641 was covered with various forms of art including photographs, paintings and poetry, reflecting what ‘Recovery in Blackpool’ means to different people. The work was completed in time for the organisation’s annual rally on 9th September, and is expected to be on display in its new guise for several months at least, helping to raise awareness of the fantastic work that goes on both locally and nationally to support the people who are affected by a range of very serious social issues.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Whilst I commend the promotion of Horizon and 641 actually looks better purple I can’t help but think some of the artwork on display is a bit disturbing – it looks like something from a horror movie!

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