Adverts rule in Blackpool

The application of external advertising to Blackpool’s fleet of modern Flexity2 trams has stepped up a gear since the end of this year’s illuminations, with cars 007 and 009 recently being adorned with colourful banner adverts encouraging organ donations. These were the last two trams of the type to be devoid of advertisements and means that all sixteen trams can now easily be differentiated even without glimpsing their small fleet numerals.

The new adverts on 007 and 009 have been applied in the usual positions: along the roof side and on the lower side panelling of the central section on both trams. The only Flexity not to carry this form of advertising is 016 which, perhaps surprisingly, remains the only one to have received an all-over advert contract, although even that retains purple ends. This tram has of course worn two different advert designs, both for Fleetwood Freeport. With all of its sisters now wearing more restrained adverts the chances of a second all-over advert Flexity2 appearing in the near future appears to have reduced, although of course when one of the current contracts expires this could become a possibility.

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  1. Christopher Callan says:

    Pleasing that in these difficult times where budgetary pressures biting people continue to invest in high impact advertising physical advertising that the tramway offers. Should a All Over Advert be required am sure adverts could be transferred across to create bare tram on both sides in full in fleet livery particularly when you consider the reported sums the all over adverts command. No doubt when the next two Flexities arrive will be people lining up to want to advertise businesses part of Talbot Gateway surrounding North Station.

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