In Pictures: The forgotten Blackpool trams

When the old Blackpool tram fleet was sold off Merseytravel purchased several examples to help them achieve their plans of extending the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway. As the years have passed these plans seem to have gone on a major backburner but the trams remain in their ownership. One of them, Brush Car 626, is at Pacific Road depot in Birkenhead where it remains stored out of use but the other trams are stored out in the open waiting for something to happen.

Brush Cars 625 and 637 (the latter in an all over advert for Blackpool Zoo) and Twin Trailer Cars 681 and 687 are all stored in the open at Knowsley Industrial Estate. They are stored with no protection and are starting to look as if they have been out in the open for several years, which is probably because they have!

Stored amongst numerous lorries photos from publically accessible areas are not easy but Ken Jones took up the challenge in early June and managed to capture three of the trams on camera.

The two Brush Cars partially hidden by various lorries and trailers.

Another view of part of 637 showing just how difficult it is to get decent photos of the trams stored here.

One of two Twin Car trailers stored there is 687 which is seen here amongst the lorries. (All Photos: Ken Jones)

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9 Responses to In Pictures: The forgotten Blackpool trams

  1. Christopher Callan says:

    I hope the parts are salvaged. But reality has to kick in at some stage. We cant save them all.

  2. David Taylor says:

    626 is indeed at pacific road, serviced and ready to roll. Unfortunately Mersey travel do not want to insure it and Wirral Council cannot as it is not their tram.

    The silly part about all of this is that the track-work is on the dock side on the east coast collecting rust when it could be used to connect the tramway from Edgerton Bridge to Seacombe ferry which is only 1.3 miles away.

    Once connected the passengers could leave the Pierhead in Liverpool and sail on the famous Mersey Ferry to Seacombe. After visiting the Space Port exhibition they would then join the tram to Taylor Street Transport Museum for a leisurely hour exploring the museum before rejoining the tram to Woodside Ferry terminal, to catch the boat back to Liverpool after the optional visit to the WW2 German U-boat and visitors centre.

    This tour is available at present but it requires a pre-booked bus from Seacombe terminal to Taylor Street.

    Perhaps the readers of this page might like to write to Mersey travel instead of wasting their time with Crich who have shown contempt for the visiting public.

  3. kevin ashe says:

    dont know depending on condition and runability would be good for summerlee (coatbridge) space permitting or as a classic service for the Edinburgh tramway

    • David Taylor says:

      I doubt if Summerlee would want another foreign tram especially if the second Glasgow car is almost ready for service. I think the shed is full with the four cars (coors) they already have. While all the railway stock is stored outside so cover for them might take priority

      Indeed the Edinburgh system could use it and perhaps convert it into a dinning car although a siding would be needed somewhere on the system so that the soup course could be served safely.

      • Paul Dredge says:

        Christchurch (NZ) served all courses, including soup on the go when we had dinner on it in 2003 – they hope to have it back running later this year

        • David Taylor says:

          Several continental tramways do the wine and dine services. I did one in koln and in Zurich they have a beer tram.

          The reason for my suggesting a siding was because the service is so intense and the run so short they could do what some of the railways do and park up for the view while eating.

          Bonne appetite.

      • Andrew Waddington says:

        Glasgow 1245 is a fair way off running yet – but you’re right that the shed is full up. To be honest, as much as I love the Blackpool trams, the best thing that can happen to the Merseytravel cars in outside storage is probably to be broken up for spares which a lot of organisations could no doubt put to really good use.

  4. Ken Jones says:

    Just want to apologise for the quality of the pictures. It was a Sunday – my first visit to this site and attending a bus rally I accidentally came across the trams. The site was locked up as it was a Sunday, so photography was not easy. I didn’t see the second twin car unit – but that doesn’t mean it was not behind lorries. I thought some pictures were better than no pictures as I’m not likely to be back there again in the near future.

    • Jonathan Malton says:

      No need to apologies Ken, they are fantastic pictures and where they are now. Thanks for sharing them.

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