Public Inquiry announced for Edinburgh Trams project

It has been confirmed that there will be a public inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams project. As has been reported on these pages extensively the project went through very rough patches during its construction which led to a much reduced line being constructed and even this saw the original budget smashed. The news that there would be an inquiry was made by the First Minister, Alex Salmond, at the Scottish Parliament just days after the system opened.

An independent Judge will be appointed to lead the inquiry which should see local politicians, officials who worked at the now defunct organisation Transport Initiatives Edinburgh as well as staff from Bilfinger Berger, the contractors involved in the construction. But as is so often the case with inquiries such as this no-one will be forced to give evidence so it could be that people with crucial evidence may chose not to appear.

Full details of when, where and the exact form the inquiry will take are due to be announced by Keith Brown, Transport Minister, within the next three weeks and ahead of the summer break for the Scottish Parliament.

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2 Responses to Public Inquiry announced for Edinburgh Trams project

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    The SNP seems to be anti-tram, having attempted to abort the system while under construction (and failed). Transport is of importance to everyone but when it becomes a political football, as it did in Leeds in the 1950s, where Labour became anti-tram, then a balanced view of what is needed is lost, and party ideology rules.

  2. John Gilbert says:

    Whether the SNP is pro- or anti-tram is neither here nor there, an inquest is sorely needed. However I hope it will not prevent the extension to Leith from proceeding with the minimum of delay, preferably with a French company entrusted with the construction – with its hands untied.

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