Edinburgh Trams prove popular in their first days of operation

Transport for Edinburgh officials confirmed that over the first four days of operation on the new Edinburgh Trams line 85,000 passengers were carried – boosted by over 10,000 One Direction fans heading to Murrayfield on Tuesday 3rd June.

It was originally announced that 21,000 people had travelled on the trams on the first day although this was later increased to 25,000 with a further 15,000 tickets sold on the Sunday. The first weekday (Monday 3rd June) saw 18,000 passenger recorded before all records were broken on Tuesday 4th June with 27,000 passengers carried on board the trams. This record-breaking figure was no doubt helped by the One Direction fans attending their concert at Murrayfield but even without those estimated 10,000 concert goers included it seems that passenger numbers were holding up. No details have been released since Tuesday of passenger numbers.

Meanwhile Edinburgh Trams have increased their safety messages after a schoolgirl was hit by a tram on Princes Street. The exact details of the incident are not known but the girl refused offers of any medical assistance which suggests it was only a minor blow and shows how well the staff have been trained being able to stop the trams quickly when pedestrians suddenly appear in front of them.

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2 Responses to Edinburgh Trams prove popular in their first days of operation

  1. Bill Barlow says:

    Having made several trips since opening. The busiest stops look to be
    Ingliston P&R ,Gyle Centre, Edinburgh Park Station. All city centre stops
    between Haymarket to York Place are very busy with many short trips within this area a distance just under 2 mile.
    Stops such as Gogarburn and Edinburgh Park Station being very busy Mon Fri with peak time office workers.
    Going into town most seats will usually be full by the Gyle.

  2. Bill Barlow says:

    PS to above Murrayfield is mega busy during events.

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