In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 206 in e-on all over advert

As predicted at the weekend Nottingham Express Transit Incentro 206 has now received a full vinyl wrap livery for e-on, replacing 208 which is expected to shortly enter the workshops for a full refurbishment. 206’s advert is almost identical to that formerly carried by 208 and includes contravision over the windows. 208 currently remains in service with most of the e-on vinyls removed.

206 is seen having just departed Old Market Square stop on 17th December, now in the full e-on all over advert. (Photo: David Beardsell)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 206 in e-on all over advert

  1. tony stevenson says:

    No.I have to say all over advertising demeans public transport and looks a mess, more to the point, from a passenger in the tram or bus vision is restricted I expect a storm of protest, but I have to make this comment

  2. John Gilbert says:

    This habit of covering WINDOWS with advertising is abominable and must be complained about vigorously and resisted. Despite what people say one CANNOT see out clearly through these adverts. Incidentally one never sees this sort of rubbish on buses.The appearance of the trams is ruined as well – though presumably the Council transport wallahs don’t care about this despite all their prating about “the quality of the city of Nottingham and its new transport.”

  3. Peter Watts says:

    I agree with this habit of covering windows. Even through the day it restricts vision, at night it is even worse to the point of almost zero vision.

    By the way, unfortunately this method is used on many advert buses, some in Manchester have all the windows covered on both decks to provide a massive advert space.

  4. TM says:

    “This sort of rubbish” regularly adorns the sides of buses too.

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