Out and About: Trams in Sheffield

We are back with another edition of “Out and About” today as we visit Sheffield for photos of a couple of trams not in standard fleet livery.

120 needs no introduction with it still in its commemorative Sheffield Corporation Tramways livery applied in 2010. When captured on High Street in Sheffield City Centre on 7th February 2022 it was allocated to Driver Training – currently Driver Training vehicles are seen out on the line most days as they seek to catch-up the backlog following the height of the pandemic.

Five days later and we see another tram not in fleet colours – 118. This is the revised version of this advert for Pretty Little Thing with a few minor adjustments from the 2018 version. Of note here is that the end fleet number at this end is white yet at the other end its black! The tram is seen at Hillsborough Park on the way to Middlewood. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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