Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Central – The Forest

We continue our “Stop by Stop” series in Nottingham today as our journey now reaches the stop at The Forest.

The tramway departs from High School and crosses Forest Road East before it runs along Mount Hooton Road with the Forest recreation ground dominating the scene on the right hand side. Mount Hooton Road turns into Noel Street as we continue to climb and that is when we come to The Forest tramstop. After all the standard stops we’ve seen on this leg of the journey it’s a bit of a change here as we have three platform faces – one island platform and one on the other side of the tracks. The centre platform face is not used in regular service but when The Forest becomes a temporary terminus it comes into its own. The outer face of the island platform is used for outbound services with the side platform used for inbound services. The platforms have shelters, ticket machines and everything else!

This view is looking back towards the city and shows the layout at The Forest. The island platform on the right here sees trams out of the city using the right hand face with the inner platform not used in standard service. The other platform is for trams heading into the city.

212 is calling at The Forest with a service to Clifton South with the island platform closest to the camera.

Disruption beyond The Forest on 20th September 2020 meant that the central platform and track was in use to allow trams from the city to terminate. Here we see 214 standing at the central platform waiting to return from whence it came. Hopeful passengers wait on the outbound platform for a tram to come to take them to where they want to go. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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