Crich to reopen interior areas from 17th May

After the latest government announcement of progress along the “roadmap” to easing restrictions it has been confirmed that from Monday 17th May the interior areas at the Crich Tramway Village will be able to reopen. This will include the indoor exhibitions as well as the Workshop Viewing Gallery.

With the indoor exhibitions reopening this will give visitors the first opportunity to see the newly reorganised Great Exhibition Hall. As has been reported extensively in recent weeks with the restoration work on London Transport 1622, Newcastle 102 and London County Council 1 starting to reach a conclusion (likely to be in that order with 1622 by far the closest to a return) and Blackpool 298 due to return to Crich it was necessary to reorganise things which will include the departure of Derby 1 to Clay Cross and Cardiff 21 back to Wales. On top of that things have been moved round in the depots and Exhibition Hall with the highest profile moves into the Exhibition Hall being Southampton 45, Gateshead 5 and the Barnsley & District bus no. 5.

With the Workshop Viewing Gallery also being reopened it will enable visitors to see the progress being made on those restoration projects mentioned above as well as other trams which go through the Workshop for general maintenance.

In preparation for the arrival of 298, and its underframe from the Ffestiniog Railway, accommodation trucks formerly belonging to Blackpool 638 have recently arrived at the museum. These will be used for the underframe which is continuing to make excellent progress in Wales.

While interior areas will open all other Covid rules will remain in place, which includes limited capacity on trams and the need for masks when on board the trams or inside (unless exempt). Crich remains opens Saturday to Thursday every week and will also be open on Friday 4th June (during the May Half Term week). If you want to see what a visit to Crich currently looks like take a look at Gallery 939 including images from 27th April.

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