West Midlands Metro launch Fare Finder

West Midlands Metro are trying to make it as easy as possible for passengers to find the right ticket for their journey with the launch of a new online “Fare Finder”. Available on the official West Midlands Metro website, passengers can quickly search for a ticket that best suits their needs.

Carl Williams, Director of Operations at West Midlands Metro, said: “The new Fare Finder uses a simple step-by-step process, to help customers source the best ticket options, based on the time that they intend to travel, type of traveller e.g. adult, child, student, family, concession and how frequently they’ll be making the journey. It also provides options on how best to pay, which is particularly important at the moment as we continue to encourage people to pay in advance, helping reduce the risks associated with Covid 19.”

The Fare Finder can be found at https://westmidlandsmetro.com/fare-finder/.

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