Picture in Time: Blackpool Engineering Car 753

We move forward to Centenary year on the Blackpool Tramway for this week’s Blackpool “Picture in Time” image as we take a look at Engineering Car 753.

In this image we see 753 on Lytham Road during 1985 having just departed from depot for a trip out onto the mainline. The tower is covered by plastic sheeting but the tram can be seen as operating on electric power with one of its two trolleys raised against the wire. Of course, 753 was converted from Standard 143 in 1958 and would continue to operate as an Engineering Car until a fire in 1990 saw that career come to an end. Now on the road to return as a Standard Car once more, it is hoped that once the lockdown is over work can resume to fix its motor.

Photograph by Keith Chadbourne

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