The Real Drive – back for 2020!

2019 saw the chance to drive a heritage tram in Blackpool for the first time in a number of years with the launch of “The Real Drive”. Now, after the popularity of the first year it will be back again in 2020 with 25 dates initially launched to take part.

The full Real Tram Driving Experience costs £450 and includes a safety briefing, familirisation with the tram and a driving experience between Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham. Refreshments are included and you are expected to have a full three hours of driving. The day starts at 0930 and ends at 1530. You also get a workshop tour, a selection of unique Real Drive souevnirs and a framed certificate. If you have any friends or family who wish to attend they can join the tram at North Pier/Tower – up to four companions can join at the cost of £10 per person.

If you wish to complete your session with another tram driving friend that is also possible. At the same cost the day is just slightly longer (0830 to 1700) and there are still three hours of driving.

The dates released for The Real Drive 2020 are:

31st January

3rd, 21st and 24th February

3rd and 6th April

15th and 18th May

5th, 8th, 26th and 29th June

17th and 20th July

7th, 10th and 28th August

18th and 21st September

9th and 12th October

2nd, 20th and 23rd November

11th December

Further details – including full terms and conditions – are available at

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