They Ran in 2019: Newcastle 114

Its off to the northeast for today’s entry into the “They Ran in 2019” series and it’s a tram which originates from the northeast as well – Newcastle 114.

A open top double-decker, Newcastle 114 sees use at Beamish for a lot of the year, and with the trams there being vehicles which transport visitors round a museum rather than museum trams it can be seen in most weathers, and the top deck is still popular in the cold!

In the first photo below Newcastle 114 is seen at Pockerley awaiting permission to ascend the bank towards the entrance with a Tarmac steam truck heading past on the adjacent road. The date is 13th April 2019.

Then a little bit later on the same day this is 114 just approaching the Entrance.

Both Photographs by Gareth Prior

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