New name for Metrolink T68 1024

Manchester Metrolink T68 1024 has been named Jeff Jardine, to mark the retirement of  one of Metrolink’s long serving controllers. Jeff had been with Metrolink since January 1992 – before the line had opened to the public – and has been in the Control Room for many years with the naming being carried out as a surprise on his last day at work. This is the first naming of a T68 since the Vans sponsorship two years ago.

A view of 1024 in the workshop at Queens Road showing its new name stickers. (Photo: Andy Coward)

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2 Responses to New name for Metrolink T68 1024

  1. Pete C says:

    A nice gesture, but as the tram is due to be withdrawn by 2014 it’s going to be rather a short-lived one!

  2. Ken Walker says:

    That’s true Pete C, but at least it indicates that Metrolink appreciates the loyalty of its long-term employees, unlike a lot of “modern-minded” companies who see long-term employees as an old-fashioned obstacle to progress.

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