In Pictures: Trams get ready for service at Seaton

An aspect of operations at the Seaton Tramway we rarely feature is at the start of the day as the trams are prepared for service and shunted out of Riverside Depot, until now that is! On Tuesday 29th May Keith Chadbourne was getting ready to take the first service tram out and captured the below images for us.

With the warmer weather now with us more services are now in hands of the double deckers with less need for the single deck saloons. On this day two of the modern double deckers are seen outside depot in the form of 11 and 10 whilst the only open top Feltham in the world, 12 completes the trio.

The same three trams are seen from the other end of the line with Works Car 02 also visible in this view.

A bonus view from the previous day – 28th May – showing Works Car 02 and the Bucket Hoist on the depot curve. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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