Finnish trams not yet finished!

We don’t often report on news from overseas tramways but this story caught our eye as the Helsinki transport authority is offering up some of its historic trams for free! There are several catches, however!

They have said that there are a number of trams which are now surplus to requirements but aren’t suitable for museums and they don’t really want to scrap them. They are available for anyone for free but there won’t be any holiday homes or sheds made from them as that is a strict no, no. Any UK based enthusiasts interested will also need to find a home for it in Finland as they won’t be allowed to leave the country.

The only cost to those wishing to take one away is transportation as they will need to be moved by lorry from the current depot. Bids need to be made by the end of August and the transport authority will want a detailed report on what anyone will be doing with the tram. You would also have to submit an annual report on what the tram has being done over the past month.

Further details are available at which is in Finnish. Now we don’t speak the language but we think there are five trams available!

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