Heaton Park set to celebrate Halloween

For the first time ever, the Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester is set to hold a special Halloween event on Sunday 28th October. This should make a welcome change from the normal enthusiast-based events held by this particular heritage line, and although the chance of a tram ride through the park in darkness will be a draw to many tram fans, hopefully this event will also appeal to a wider audience.

Full plans for the day are still being confirmed, but during the day there will be a photo opportunity featuring all four trams currently on site – Stockport 5, Heaton Park ‘Vanguard’ 7, Blackpool Brush Railcoach 623 and Manchester 765. With the exception of car 7, which remains boarded up for outdoor storage, these trams should all be used in service during the course of the day, with a service due to operate until around 6:00pm. By this time the clocks will have gone back by one hour and so this should allow enough time for tram rides and photography after dark.

However, the star attraction of the event will be Stockport 5 which is set to be decorated in an appropriately spooky fashion for the occasion. Even the crew of 5 will be dressed in Halloween costume, which should make for a memorable and enjoyable event! Hopefully this new venture from the team at Heaton Park will prove succsful and bring the curtain down on another highly succesful year for this exciting little tramway.

Stockport 5 will take centre stage again as Heaton Park's 'Halloween Tram' on October 28th - but here the tram is seen in more familiar form at Lakeside on 25th October. (Photo by Joe Savage)


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