Picture in Time: Manchester Metrolink 1002

With the Manchester Metrolink stop at Victoria now re-opened following a years closure as part of the “transformation” works in preparation for the construction of the Second City Crossing (2CC) today’s “Picture in Time” visits the old Victoria with an image of T68 1002 back in 1992 and as a bonus we also find the LRV elsewhere on the same day.

Victoria’s Metrolink stop opened to the public on 6th April 1992 and at that stage was in use as a terminus for services from Bury as trams returned to (Greater) Manchester. Victoria became a through route later the same month, on 27th April, as the line through Manchester City Centre to G-Mex was opened. It was not to be until 20th July that services from Victoria to Piccadilly – which was let us not forget one of the main reasons for the construction of Metrolink – commenced running. Victoria continued to be just a normal stop on the Metrolink network – albeit one which had a major connection with the national rail network – until 13th June 2012 when the line to Oldham Mumps was opened and Victoria became a major interchange for Metrolink services. With a vast increase in services through Manchester City Centre (as a result of many extensions opening all wanting to either travel through or into the city centre) the Second City Crossing was planned and construction of this is now underway. The 2CC will provide extra capacity in the city centre and will also enable services from the other side of the city to avoid the section along Mosley Street and through Piccadilly Gardens to serve Victoria direct.

Our first image today shows Manchester Metrolink T68 1002 at Victoria passing the now removed platform A during the testing period on 25th February 1992.

And in our second photo we find 1002 earlier on the same day along Market Street heading towards Victoria.

(Both Photos by Ralph Oakes-Garnett)

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11 Responses to Picture in Time: Manchester Metrolink 1002

  1. fred collins says:

    Long time since platform A closed but at the time of writing the large letter “A” is still on the wall of Victoria like in a time warp. Wonder for how much longer?

  2. Bill Brinkley says:

    Can you tell me when trams Last stopped at platform “A” please. regards Bill

  3. Phil Hart says:

    One observation is that the second photo is on High Street after leaving Market St. It is near the junction with Cannon St.

  4. tram man says:

    I seem to remember that platform ‘A’ ceased to be used after the IRA bombing in 1996.,due to the glass roof panels falling down.It used to cause a bit of confusion with the passengers,as some people would assume it would stop and pick up on the island platform ‘B&C’.They were not best pleased when the driver would stop and pick up at platform ‘A’ then drive non stopping through platform’B’.It made sense just to use the island platform to drop and pick up.
    Fred,your comment about the sign for platform ‘A’ still being on the wall.If you look at the lastest photo gallery about metrolink from the two Steve’s there is a shot of the new track layout at Victoria and you can clearly see the big sign for platform ‘A’ on the wall.

  5. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    Maybe you could have put it in the scenic T68 pics.

  6. Gareth Prior says:

    Scenic T68s was always meant as a short-term series showing the more scenic areas of Metrolink. Personally I don’t really think these two photos are particularly scenic!

  7. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    I meant they could have put there if it was ongoing. Sorry you don’t think it’s scenic.

  8. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    When I took those photographs there was little in scenic to film. Just between Radcliffe and Bury and between Altringham and Stretford. (Yes I have spelt Altringham correctly as it appears on the signs outside the town and the way it is pronounced!)

    • Steve Hyde says:

      It is certainly pronounced as you spell it Ralph but I have never seen it spelt that way on the town signage. In 6 years of travelling into the town I must have passed Trafford Borough signs welcoming me to Altrincham hundreds of times and they all spell it with a ‘c’.

      • Ken Walker says:

        Just like the long debate over Newhey / New Hey. The village signs and the Metrolink signs show it as one word (to the best of my knowledge the village signs always have, the one I walk past next to Milnrow park when walking to Newhey station I think has been there at least for the 27 years that I have lived in Milnrow) but in railway days it was always signed as New Hey on the station! I have seen similar debates about it from time to time. I would have thought the fact that as ‘Alty’ (just to sit on the fence) is pronounced with a ‘g’ suggests that at one time it was spelt that way. I’ve no doubt it’s the usual story that if you ask 10 people you will get 12 different opinions! Still it helps to keep life interesting!

  9. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    From 1952 to 1979 and 1997 to 2001 I lived just over 2 miles from Altringham. Look for the old Cheshire stone signs at the side of the road. There is certainly one near Lymm Turning off the A556.

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