Sheffield 330 gets ready for the weekend

Preparations for this week’s Sheffield-themed event taking place at Crich Tramway Village are now well underway, with the various trams which will be taking centre stage being readied for the big occasion. As reported previously, works car Sheffield 330 is being reactivated for use at the event and was extracted from the back of the depots ahead of its starring role.

330 spent all of last year hidden away in one of the least visible parts of the depot complex, but that changed on Saturday 10th May when the car was moved outside for cleaning. The tram was then moved inside the workshop to receive its commissioning exam ahead of operation at the ‘Best of Sheffield’ event, which should see four Sheffield trams in operation this weekend for the first time in several years. Although the star of the show will no doubt be the freshly overhauled Sheffield 510, the addition of 330 to the line-up is certainly very welcome and should no doubt create additional interest for any visiting enthusiasts – including the British Trams Online webmaster, who will be providing live coverage of the first day of the event on our Facebook page.

Sheffield 330 seen in front of the workshop at Crich on Saturday 10th May whilst being washed ahead of some rare outings on the main line for the Sheffield event. (Photo by Andy Bailey)


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  1. Aidan Croft says:

    Any guesses on whether or not the public will be allowed in 330? Would be a great feature to allow limited numbers at a time for short trips as well!

    Kind regards,


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