In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit Citadis 226 arrives

The eleventh Alstom Citadis tram for Nottingham Express Transit, 226, arrived in the city during the early hours of Monday 24th March. This now means that half of the order of 22 are in Nottingham with the remaining deliveries expected to be completed over the next few months (on average a new tram seems to arrive every fortnight from the Alstom factory in Barcelona). Daytime testing and driver training remains confined to the Wilkinson Street Depot where you can often see one shunting up and down the yard as far as the limit of shunt. It is expected that daytime on street testing will start at some point this spring before an entry into service either late spring or early summer.

On 30th March 226 was to be found stabled immediately behind the delivery gate making photographs easy.

A close-up view of the front coupler of 226.

226 with one of its sisters. At the time of writing the number 226 has yet to be applied with just the number 011 visible externally to signify it is the 11th tram of the order. (All photos: David Beardsell)

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  1. I have just found your site, I have been a tram fan since I was in Aberdeen with my folks many moons ago. We rode the train in from Elgin to see the pantomime one Christmas. Two things I never forgot. One was the wonderful mutton pies sold in a chip shop near Her Majesty’s Theatre and the other was these beautiful (but scary to a wee loon) double deck trams all lit up brilliantly.They were plying up and down Union street, we just had to ride one. It was then and still is Magic.
    They are slooooowly but surely reintroducing streetcars in some of the more congested U.S. Cities, most are of course, what they term light rail and some major tourist destinations have monorails. I think the monos are more for show than a practical people mover.

  2. John West says:

    Is there to be any livery adornments to those doors or is that it? If that’s how they’re going to be, then surely they don’t comply with DDA!

  3. TM says:

    The doors are DDA compliant – same arrangement as the Incentros.

  4. James Palma says:

    Ah, Aberdeen. As a post grad there, I still have not found any baker that sells propoer scotch pies!

    Any suggestions?

    ok so it isn’t tram related…

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