Stadler’s spread their wings on Tramlink

Since being introduced into service during 2012 the Stadler Variotrams on London Tramlink have, apart from on a few occasions, mainly been limited to use on the Elmers End routes (lines 1 and 4) but over the past week they have started to spread their wings a bit more with use on both the Beckenham Junction and New Addington lines.

It is believed that due to their poor performance they had previously been not the preferred choice on the section of the route to between Sandilands and New Addington but it now seems that these concerns have been put to one side with several of the Stadler vehicles being used this week. It hasn’t gone completely to plan though with several reports on the Croydon Tramlink Yahoo! Group of pretty severe delays caused by their slow running.

The Beckenham Junction route has been different with it not completely unheard of previously for a Stadler to turn up on this route. The main problem here was that the railway station side platform was not long enough for a Variotram to use all doors and as a result the last set of doors had to be isolated. But now Tramlink have come up with the ingenious idea of using the road side platform where these problems are not experienced. It is understood that this platform is now the preferred platform at Beckenham Junction and that to avoid any confusion the right hand platform is also now the preferred platform at New Addington.

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