In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two works

Construction work on Phase Two of Nottingham Express Transit has gathered pace in the last few weeks with seven day a week working now in evidence. Traction poles are now up in several places including Chillwell, Wilford Riverside and Meadows Way/Arkwright Street. The point work for the junction of the two routes is now being laid and most of the track has now been laid on the Station bridge and ramp. With thanks to David Beardsell we are able to bring you photographic updates of some of the recent progress.

This shows work on laying the track at the junction where the two Phase Two lines separate.

Traction poles now in situ on Meadows Way and Arkwright Street.

A view showing Station Street stop in the distance with track laying now reaching a conclusion on the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge taking the trams over the railway station.

This is the other side of the bridge where the tracks come back down to street level.

Track is also being laid on Wilford Toll Bridge,

Traction poles in Wilford Village. (All Photos: David Beardsell)


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