Time running out for Blackpool Balloon 716

When the Blackpool Tramway fleet started to be sold around the country one of the most surprising purchases saw Blackpool Balloon 716 head north to Perth in Scotland where it was planned to be used as an office by Ptarmigan Transport Solutions Limited. But now over three years since it made the journey north its future is in huge doubt after Ptarmigan Transport Solutions Limited went into liquidation in mid November 2013.

716 had been transported to Perth in July 2010 where the owners of the company had planned to convert the vehicle into an office including desks but the project had stalled as Ptarmigan had other commitments which took precedence. Whilst it has sat outside Ptarmigan’s Head Office a few broken windows have been replaced (although at least one corner window remains missing) and external side adverts applied. Apart from that it has remained much as it was when it left Blackpool but now all that could be about to change.

The Interim Liquidators have put the tram urgently up for sale and are seeking to find a buyer within the next few days, otherwise the tram is likely to be sent for scrap. The urgency of the situation cannot be underestimated as if it is not removed from the Perth site within the next few days the Liquidators will dispense with it in other ways. Anyone interested in saving this tram are asked to contact Dale Robertson on 07759 776381.

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17 Responses to Time running out for Blackpool Balloon 716

  1. Nathan Honest says:

    One for NEETT I think! I wonder who else will try to rescue 716?

  2. James Robinson says:

    Whilst I am not a lover of Blackpool trams, it would be terrible if this original specimen were scrapped – suggest conversion to Aberdeen replica as one way of saving it, just a thought. Keep up the good work – a super web site, thanks

  3. Andrew Waddington says:

    716 is now listed as a ‘Buy it now’ item on eBay, for sale at £8,000 or best offer: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRAM-/111233837218?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item19e60da8a2 Not bad really considering it was originally sold for £1,000! It would appear that the tram is probably missing most of its equipment such as motors etc. and therefore I think its chances of survival are pretty much zero, especially as numerous more complete Balloon cars still exist.

    • Ken Walker says:

      I like the bit that says “will post to the United Kingdom”. Will that be Royal Mail or private courier I wonder?

      Seriously though! I don’t really know how £8000 for this tram compares value-for-money wise with the price paid for boat 233 as a runner, but as you say, someone is after making a tidy profit from its sale.

      • Garry Luck says:

        It won’t be long before eBay removes the phone number, which is a blatant violation of its terms, or takes the whole listing down. The seller appears to have made little effort to provide appropriate information to prospective buyers, or indeed to establish a realistic price.

    • Tony Hampson says:

      I’m not completely convinced that’s a genuine listing! Look a t the negative feed back. It suggests they are selling ropey photos and even possibly dodgy certificates!!!

      Would a liquidators eBay account look like that!!! Hmmmmm!

  4. kevin ashe says:

    this would be a good heritage style tram for edinburgh if its fully compatable

  5. Tommy Carr says:

    I don’t see the point in the NEETT buying this as they already have 721. I really don’t know what to say, unless a bus museum is interested in buying a tram, I don’t think 716 has a chance. However, I like the idea of rebuilding it as a base for a replica of an Aberdeen streamliner. I wonder if either the Aberdeen group that own 37 or the bus museum with Aberdeen 1 and cruden bay 1 would be interested? £8,000 though, I think I’d rather go for the train they’re also listing instead!

    • Tommy Carr says:

      Or, in fact, just thinking a bit outside the box, but if the museum who has 634 have serious plans for a tram line, would they be interested in 716 as well?

  6. David Holt says:

    They’re also advertising a “Train”. It looks like one of those early railbuses. A snip at £15000.

  7. David Butterworth says:

    I think 716 is likely to be scrapped. The trouble is that so many Balloon trams survive, some still (technically) in service with BTS and a few others are realistic prospects for restoration. It sounds like 716 is little more than a shell – with parts removed, or stripped. Who would be willing to part with £8000 for a hulk?

  8. Paul says:

    Face facts folks… 716 was an empty shell before it left Blackpool. It was heavily stripped of parts for others particularly 717 so there’s not even that much left of use as spare parts for the other preserved balloons. Unless there is someone with more money than sense, let her go gracefully and put your money and efforts into more realistic schemes and classmates with better prospects e.g. 702, 708, 721.

    As for using her as a basis for rebuilding as something else, it is likely to be quicker, easier and cheaper to start from scratch…

  9. Mark says:

    To be honest I’m not too fussed about what happens to 716 and a few other ex Blackpool Trams such as 704 and the Fiends of Fleetwood collection (except 761). There are enough Balloons and Brush cars around to represent every stage of their lives, so as Paul says time to let a few of the poorest ones go and concentrate money and effort on the better ones.

  10. kevin ashe says:

    an offer of 2500 was submitted and declined,thought it was a decent offer for a shell of a balloon tram

  11. john woodman says:

    In a telecon today with the owner of 716 I was informed that the tram is to be scrapped after failure to agree its possible use for a restaurant/bar project in Scotland. Our Trust made enquiries in acquiring parts from the tram, but this too proved to be uneconomic given the costs of salvage work involved and transport. The tram will be cut up on site in the next few days according to the owner.

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