In Pictures: Urbos 100s continue to stretch their legs

As we have seen over the past week or so since services on the West Midlands Metro resumed on 15th December, the new Urbos 100 trams (number 38 up) have been used fairly regularly in passenger service with now four different examples having officially entered service. These are 38, 39, 40 and 42. One such day when all four were allocated for service – albeit two only as peak extras – was Tuesday 21st December which is when the photos in this pictorial article were taken by Andy Walters.

42 calls at West Bromwich Central heading out to Wolverhampton St George’s.

As 42 stops at Wednesbury Great Western Street it is met by 39 which is heading south to Birmingham.

Also in service was 40 which is seen end on here.

An internal view on board 42. The odometer on this tram shows it has cover 2840km so far.

Part of the publicity for the return of services. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 21st December 2021)

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