More West Midlands Metro Urbos 100 trams arrived at Wednesbury?

This article was updated on 2nd September 2021 with further information.

It would appear that there have been some more Urbos 100 trams arrive at the Wednesbury Depot of West Midlands Metro – but they’ve snuck in without us noticing so we don’t have much detail about exactly how many have been delivered now or when they did so.

The last of the new batch of Urbos 100 trams being built by CAF in Zaragoza which we had confirmed as arriving was 41 which was delivered on 23rd June 2021. Since then it is understood at least a further three of the trams have been delivered – presumed to be 42, 43 and 44. Recent photos taken from outside the depot would also seem to confirm additional arrivals although with the numbers of the new trams being rather small its very difficult to identify them for certain!

What we do know is that there has been some overnight testing and gauging runs of some of the new trams but at the present time there have been no passenger runs of the new vehicles.

If anyone knows any more details of when and how many have arrived please let us know!

Update 2nd September 2021: We now believe that there are five Urbos 100 trams which have been delivered to Wednesbury. This means there has been one further arrival since 41 on 23rd June 2021 and not the three mentioned in the article above.

One tram we definitely know has arrived is 41 which turned up on 23rd June 2021. To prove that it has definitely moved the tram was captured on camera at the depot from a passing tram on 30th July 2021.

Another shot from a passing tram on 20th August 2021 seems to show a number of the new trams stored in depot. Its just very difficult to tell for certain how many of the new trams there are here. (Both Photographs by Mark Cufflin)

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  1. andyc says:

    I no longer work at Midland Metro, but when I was there the delivery schedule was for Tram 42 to arrive on 14 July and Tram 43 on 24 July. Unless things have changed Tram 44 should come in mid September and 45 in early October and that will be the final one until the next batch start arriving in early 2023.

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