Coming Soon: Zoom presentations featuring the tramways and railways of the Isle of Man

Come 15-18 months ago and if someone said to you Zoom you would probably think about your camera lens and getting closer to whatever you were taking photos of! But throughout the pandemic many of us have learnt all about Zoom with its meeting software being very useful as face to face became remote to remote! As well as meetings it can also be used for presentations and at the start of July there will be the chance for readers of British Trams Online to join rehearsals of  Power Point presentations which will be looking at the tramways and railways on the Isle of Man – with a twist!

The presentations aim to celebrate democracy and with this theme you may be thinking just what does this have to do with trams or railways? Well, it is looking at democracy on the Isle of Man and will consist of a social history of Tynwald Day before then looking at the railways and trams on the Isle of Man. The main presentations are being made to members of the Sunrise Trail Division, National Model Railroad Association at 0100 UK time but as that is likely to be past the bedtime of most of you reading this you are able to join the rehearsal which will be at the far more sociable hour of 2000 K time.

Details and log-in information are as follows:

Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at 2000 UK time

TYNWALD DAY and Take the Horse Tram to the Interurban: Join Ed Koehler as he takes us to the middle of the Irish Sea to catch up with the last street railway that uses horses for motive power (still existing!) and then takes us on a trip over the interurban railway to which it connects!  Not enough traction?  We will then take a few minutes to climb a mountain using cars that still support bow collectors!

To attend this event:

Meeting ID: 826 6738 3324          Passcode: 906463

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 2000 UK time

TYNWALD DAY and The Isle of Man Steam Railways:

The Reverend W.W. Awdrey based his series of books on actual operating narrow gauge lines, many of which are still in seasonal service.  One of these lines is the Isle of Man Railways, a part of which is still with us and still mostly steam powered.  The Isle of Man Steam Railways is the crown jewel of the railways remaining on the island.  This thirty minute electronic slide show includes both the current operating line and views of the now abandoned lines to Peel and Ramsey.  We will then go on to view the Minor Railways of the Isle of Man: This short presentation explores the ‘other railways’ located on this small island include two steam powered railways that have been re-instated, one a 19 inch gauge line that served a lead mine; the other a two foot gauge line that actually goes ‘Uphill to the Sea!”  Finally there are the shadows of the standard gauge trolley line that was once owned by a subsidiary of the Baltimore Transit Company.

To attend this Event:

Meeting ID: 815 6184 3222          Passcode: 954882

There is no need to register for either presentation. Just click the link and enter the information shown! If you have any questions about these events please leave a comment below and we will pass these on.

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  1. David M says:

    Looking forward to these presentations, hopefully a prelude to short visit at the end of July if the island opens as planned on 28th June. Just one thing – is it 15.00 or 20.00 UK time? Both times feature in the article.

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