Adham Fisher completes Metrolink challenge

A few months ago we reported that Adham Fisher had successfully broken the record for the length of time it took to visit each stop on Nottingham Express Transit – and now he has been at it again with the newly expanded Manchester Metrolink his latest target. With the closure of Mosley Street and the opening of the East Didsbury line all previous records had been reset on Metrolink and Adham decided it was a good time to see if he could create a new record.

He made his attempt on Wednesday 29 May and managed to visit all 69 stops on the Metrolink network in five hours, six minutes and 17 seconds – and this is believed to be
the current record. Previously the record has been five hours, 14 minutes and 55 seconds, set by Cheshire Cat, although this was set in April when the network only totalled 65 stops.

Speaking about his achievement Adham said: “It should have been under five hours. One or two things worked and one or two things did not. But for the most part, the trams ran as they were timetabled, and that shows that Metrolink and Transport for Greater Manchester are doing their jobs properly. Such a pursuit can be performed on trams as well as metros, and Metrolink, as the UK’s largest network, presents a challenge to traverse at speed. Another attempt will be made but I eagerly anticipate the new extensions to Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester airport; they will make things very interesting indeed.”

In the UK Adham holds the records for both Nottingham Express Transit and Stagecoach Supertram but does not limit himselfto this country and has also made attempts in Toronto, Barcelona and Chicago. He also heads a music collective called 1000 Stations ( who have recently released their first album – Metro EP – which is available to download now on itunes.

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  1. James Jones says:

    This can be done in 4h 51m and 5 seconds. I know because I have just done it! OK it doesn’t count because technically Woodlands Road is not open on a Saturday so I only crawled through it (twice) and didn’t stop but I’m happy. I can provide all the details if anyone wants to know, contact me at

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