In Pictures: Birmingham Westside extension Hagley Road crossover

We recently reported on the news that yet another milestone had been reached in the construction of the West Midlands Metro Birmingham Westside extension to Hagley Road, Edgbaston with the all important crossover having been installed. This crossover is likely to be regularly used by trams as they approach and depart from the terminus and is a key component in the construction of the line which is due to open at some point in 2021. Jim Smythe took a look at the worksite on a soggy 15th November 2020.

0830 on Sunday and work has already started. This is the double track section outside Morrisons looking towards Hagley Road Terminus.

The new Scissors Crossover complete. A little more track still required beyond the points.

Another view of the terminal track layout

A low-level view

A view of the double track sweeping back to Five Ways and the City. (All Photographs by Jim Smythe, 15th November 2020)

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