Wootton Tramway finds a new home in Manchester

The Heaton Park Tramway is to be the new permanent home of the 7 ¼” gauge Wootton Tramway following its donation to the Manchester Transport Museum Society by former owner Howard Burford. A regular on the events circuit the tramway will be moved to Manchester in due course and will then continue to be seen elsewhere to give the Heaton Park Tramway the extra publicity.

The Wootton Tramway comes complete with two trams as well as track and fully functioning overhead. It is stored and transported in a specially converted caravan, and this will also be coming as part of the package to allow the Heaton Park Tramway to continue to exhibit the small gauge tramway around the country.

It was built and owned by Howard Burford who has kindly donated it to the Manchester Transport Museum Society to ensure that it can continue to be seen and enjoyed by a wide audience.

The tramway currently resides on the Isle of Wight and will be moved up to Manchester in due course, once storage arrangements are confirmed.

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